How Google, Microsoft and Amazon helped drive a global labor crisis

The Obama administration pushed through a massive labor reform law in 2015 that eliminated some of the most basic protections for workers.And now, a new report from the New America Foundation reveals that Google, Facebook and Amazon have all been involved in an effort to weaken these protections.The report details how the three companies helped […]

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How to use the free Google Analytics plugin to create an ‘app to go’ on your phone

Google Analytics is now part of every smartphone, and that means you need to use it to do a lot of things.If you’re looking to create a “app to do,” or “business to be” on your smartphone, you can use Google Analytics to do just that.Google Analytics has been around for years, and there’s no […]

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How to Build Your Business with ‘Boomers’

It’s a popular phrase in tech circles: boomers.It refers to people born in the 1980s and 1990s, the era of the dot-com bubble and its global economic boom.And boomers tend to be more tech-savvy than their younger counterparts, according to research.That’s why companies that hire boomers are more likely to attract them.It’s why Facebook has […]

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Irish bank to cut 10,000 jobs as it cuts 100,000 positions

Irish banks have cut more than 100,00 jobs in the next 12 months as they struggle to deal with a new human resources strategy.The Irish bank, the largest in the country, said the cuts will include reductions in staff and customer service.Its chief executive, Mike McGovern, said that by 2022 the bank will have cut […]

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