How to Find Out If Your Employer Is Trying to Unfairly Rehire You

Human Resources at a petco company told a local newspaper that they are investigating whether a new employee has been hired on a “preferred basis” based on her ethnicity.The story has been picked up by other local media outlets.The company told the paper that they have received several complaints and will be contacting the new […]

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‘We’ve all been lied to’: How U.S. companies are dodging federal regulations

The U.K. government is cracking down on businesses that don’t meet the minimum wage requirement for workers and is cracking up on foreign companies that don´t pay their workers a living wage.British Prime Minister David Cameron has launched a crackdown on what he calls illegal low-paid workers, calling the practice of using workers on low […]

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Trump administration calls for new U.S. strategy to combat sex trafficking

President Donald Trump’s administration is calling for a new strategy to tackle human trafficking, the Associated Press reports.Trump is expected to sign a proclamation that would create a task force to coordinate the efforts of the Department of Homeland Security and the Department’s Office of International Religious Freedom.The group would work with agencies of the […]

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How to navigate the HR process with a diverse team

It may sound like an odd question, but how can you work as a diverse HR team?That’s what an internal report from human resources firm IMCA, which is based in Toronto, recommends.As of October 2020, nearly 50 per cent of the company’s 4,000 employees are men, according to the report.But the numbers don’t look great […]

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Amazon’s HR chief says he will not take the law into his own hands

Amazon’s human resources chief, Montefiore, has been accused of violating his company’s human rights obligations by failing to act when the firm received complaints about its treatment of a female worker, Human Resources Minister Harsh Vardhan has said.The HR chief had earlier told the Supreme Court that the firm had received a complaint alleging that […]

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IBM CEO says the tech company has ‘no idea’ if the hacking attacks on its network were related to the attack on its networks

IBM has said that the cyberattack on its systems in May 2015 that forced it to shut down all of its systems and suspend all services could be linked to a previous attack.The statement came in a statement to the SEC on Tuesday.The statement from IBM, which is headquartered in Mountain View, California, was sent […]

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