How to find out how to get rid of a job in India

Human resource management is a hot topic these days.As many as half the country’s workforce is employed in some capacity.The reason behind this is because of a combination of factors.1) It’s a very expensive and time consuming business to run.And the human resources management system is based on one of the most basic and common […]

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Trump says he’s open to banning human services workers in California

Donald Trump has said that he would ban the use of human services professionals in the state of California, but he hasn’t said if he would take such action himself.In a Tuesday interview with Fox News, Trump also called for a moratorium on hiring in human resources and a national hiring freeze.Trump also said he […]

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How to deal with an HR executive who won’t take the hint

In the months leading up to the start of the HR hiring season, HR executives at PNC Human Resources (PNCH) and other top companies have been taking the lead in training employees about the process of accepting applications and hiring new employees.The first of those training sessions, called the Career Academy, is being held on […]

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How to find an U.S. Army recruiter in Afghanistan

By Jennifer CoganThe Department of Defense is seeking more U.A.E. jobs, as it ramps up efforts to hire more foreign workers to fill the jobs lost during the war in Afghanistan.The Defense Department on Thursday released a new set of hiring guidelines for U.N. employees, which includes more emphasis on recruiting international workers, including people […]

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Why are Australians getting so scared of technology?

The Government has been slow to adopt a technology policy agenda, but that has changed with the release of the Australian Infrastructure 2020 Infrastructure Plan.Key areas included: the creation of a national innovation strategy to identify and support the development of new technologies and solutions to existing infrastructure problems; the use of the National Strategic […]

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The Unofficial Un-Google Unicorn Team: Google’s Unicorn Team Is Actually a Google Unicorn

The Un-google Unicorn Team is actually a Google-owned Unicorn Team.I first saw the name on Twitter when Google’s new Unicorn team announced their intent to be the new Google-Google.The team had previously worked for Google on the Unicorn team and they had worked for Facebook as well.Google’s announcement of the team led me to Google […]

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