Trump says he’s open to banning human services workers in California

Donald Trump has said that he would ban the use of human services professionals in the state of California, but he hasn’t said if he would take such action himself.

In a Tuesday interview with Fox News, Trump also called for a moratorium on hiring in human resources and a national hiring freeze.

Trump also said he was open to using a hiring freeze, but didn’t elaborate.

In the Fox News interview, Trump said that “human services is not for everybody.”

The president has also been criticized for using the Human Resources Council to fire people who don’t meet his standards.

A hiring freeze is the practice of preventing employees from being hired if they are not qualified to work in the job they are currently assigned to.

The federal government has used hiring freezes for decades, and it has been used more frequently than it has in recent years, especially since the Trump administration took office.

But Trump has also said that his administration is open to changing policy if necessary.

He has repeatedly promised that he will stop hiring people who are not “good at their job.”

In an interview with CNBC in August, Trump was asked if he believed hiring freezes are a good idea.

“I have never been in a hiring situation where I would hire a person for a job who was not a good worker,” Trump said.

“They should have been fired.

They should have not been hired at all.”

In a statement to Business Insider on Tuesday, the White House said that Trump has made it clear that the president would not use a hiring freezes as an excuse to cut funding to the Department of Veterans Affairs.

“President Trump will not use any hiring freeze to try to reduce the VA workforce,” the White out said.

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