“I’ve never heard of a female HR professional being terminated for her gender,” one HR expert tells Buzzfeed

The HR industry is rife with discrimination against women, and there’s a growing number of women who have been forced out of their jobs because of their gender.

A new study by the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) found that nearly a third of female HR professionals have experienced their careers destroyed, and more than a third have experienced retaliation for speaking out against discrimination.

A survey conducted by the HRC found that just 10 percent of women surveyed have been paid more than their male colleagues.

“The fact that HR is so hostile towards women speaks volumes about the culture of the industry and its attitudes towards women,” said HRC Senior Fellow Kate McDonough.

“HR has become a breeding ground for sexism and misogyny.

There are a lot of reasons why people leave the field, and the most likely are for their own personal safety.

But for so many women, it’s because they are seen as less competent and less professional than their peers.”HR is one of the most dangerous places to be a woman.

We have to work harder to empower our female colleagues, to empower women to be heard and to be able to challenge harmful workplace policies and practices.

“The HRC survey, conducted in January, asked employees how they feel about their workplace, the impact of sexism, and what steps they think should be taken to combat it.

It found that more than half of female employees (53 percent) felt that their company had become more hostile and sexist in the past year, and an additional 40 percent said that the workplace was more hostile toward women.

The survey also found that 57 percent of respondents had experienced discrimination and retaliation for their speaking out about discrimination.”

I know that some people are afraid of saying anything, and I know there are some women who are afraid to speak out because of the repercussions they can face.” “

It’s always hard to say that because people tend to keep silent about it.

I know that some people are afraid of saying anything, and I know there are some women who are afraid to speak out because of the repercussions they can face.”

Sauer said that when women speak up about their experience of discrimination, they often are not heard.

“When you have a female employee who says, ‘I was harassed,’ the employer doesn’t want to hear anything from her,” Sauer told BuzzFeed News.

“And it can be very frustrating for her because it’s hard for her to tell her bosses what she’s doing wrong.

It can be difficult for them to take action.

It’s hard on them to be treated with respect, and it’s harder for them in the workplace.”

Despite the growing number in the HR industry, Sauer believes that many women are still afraid to report discrimination or retaliation.

“I’m hoping that people understand that there is a difference between reporting harassment and having to pay for it, and that when you’re making a complaint, it has to be backed up by proof,” Sauer said.

“There is a cost to this.”

But, Sauers said that she would like to see more female HR executives and managers.

“We need more women in leadership positions,” she said.

“It’s important for HR to be an equal opportunity employer,” McDonoh said.

Women are being pushed out of the field because of sexism and a culture that values gender equality, but it’s also important that HR managers understand that these types of workplace policies are not only discriminatory, but can also be a source of harassment and retaliation.

McDonoh, the HRC Senior Vice President for the Workplace, added that she believes that there are many good HR professionals, but that many of the women who left their jobs due to discrimination were harassed by male colleagues, or retaliated against when speaking out.

“We need to create more equality in HR, and we need to do a better job of empowering women and people of color, because there is still a lot that can be done to make sure that HR practices reflect our values,” McDONOH said.

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