Why are Australians getting so scared of technology?

The Government has been slow to adopt a technology policy agenda, but that has changed with the release of the Australian Infrastructure 2020 Infrastructure Plan.

Key areas included: the creation of a national innovation strategy to identify and support the development of new technologies and solutions to existing infrastructure problems; the use of the National Strategic Plan to identify, promote and deliver national economic and social transformation; and the implementation of the 2020 Infrastructure Strategy and the 2020 Strategic Plan.

The report also found the Australian Government is facing the most significant infrastructure crisis in Australia’s history.

In a speech to the Australian Council of Trade Unions, Treasurer Scott Morrison said the Government had identified three main threats facing the country’s infrastructure and was determined to address them.

The first threat, he said, was the increase in the cost of operating and maintaining infrastructure.

“The second threat is climate change, which is putting further strain on our ageing infrastructure.

The third threat is the emergence of artificial intelligence, which will transform our ability to use infrastructure,” he said.”

We must take action to reduce the cost and risks associated with the ageing of our infrastructure.”

Mr Morrison said he expected the Government to “take immediate action to ensure that the Australian economy is resilient to this change”.

“We have identified the three key threats that are putting more and more strain on Australia’s infrastructure,” the Treasurer said.

The Government said it was also investing $400 million to improve the performance of the State Government’s network and the construction of its new network of high-speed broadband networks.

“These investments will help deliver a safer and more reliable internet experience for Australians,” the Government said.

Mr Morrison announced a raft of new projects to address the first threat.

Mr Abbott said the government was working to support the construction and upgrading of the NBN, which would deliver a more secure and efficient internet service.

The government also announced the establishment of a new $2.5 billion national broadband investment fund to help states and territories pay for the cost recovery of their existing network investment.

The NBN’s funding will be allocated in the same way as it is allocated in state and territory budgets, meaning that the Federal Government will contribute 100 per cent of the cost.

The plan also includes the creation and funding of a $500 million innovation fund to develop new and innovative digital technology for Australian communities.

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