How to navigate the HR process with a diverse team

It may sound like an odd question, but how can you work as a diverse HR team?

That’s what an internal report from human resources firm IMCA, which is based in Toronto, recommends.

As of October 2020, nearly 50 per cent of the company’s 4,000 employees are men, according to the report.

But the numbers don’t look great for women, who only make up about a third of the workforce.

The HR firm’s report says women make up more than 40 per cent, but that number drops to just under 20 per cent if you break it down by gender.

The majority of the women who join a company are in the same job title, according the report, but a handful of women work in senior roles or on the VP and VP of human resources.

“There are certainly challenges when it comes to gender diversity in HR,” said Lisa Bowerman, an HR manager at IMca.

“And we’re certainly not immune to the fact that we’re still dealing with a lot of discrimination and inequity.”

While it’s easy to imagine that if women weren’t working in HR roles, they’d be more comfortable being seen as women in their workplace, Bowermans said it’s important to keep in mind that these women don’t feel safe at work.

In fact, she said there are women in HR who work in the company but are afraid to speak up about their experiences because of the way the system treats them.

“They know they’re not going to get promoted,” she said.

“It can be difficult for them to even speak out about it.”

For some, the pressure to work as one-dimensional employees is not surprising.

In the past, women were expected to be single-handedly responsible for everything, from making house calls to cooking dinner.

Now, with the growth of social media, women have access to all the information they need about what is happening at the company.

Bowermen said there’s a fear of women being pigeonholed in the wrong roles.

“The idea that they’re only going to be there for a few hours a week is really a big fear,” she explained.

“If you’re not at work for three hours a day, you’re never going to have the energy to get up at 6 a.m. to work on your projects.”

While there’s plenty of pressure to fit in at work, it can be hard to know what to expect from the rest of your team, said Bowermons.

“I think for women to really be able to be really comfortable and really feel comfortable in the role that they want to play and not feel afraid of that, it’s going to require a lot more work and a lot less time than it used to,” she added.

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