Apple is taking on the world of HR with its new HR department

Apple is moving its HR department out of the office and into a remote location, the company announced Wednesday.

The move is part of a larger overhaul to Apple’s corporate culture that is expected to help it become a more efficient and collaborative employer, said Apple CEO Tim Cook in a company-wide memo.

The HR department, Apple said in the memo, will move to a location that is more aligned with Apple’s customer-centric culture, including more remote and more agile environments.

Cook said Apple has “decided to move our HR team out of our office, and to our headquarters in Cupertino, California, where we have more flexibility and more time to create and execute innovative work for our customers.”

The move comes after years of struggling to manage and manage expectations and expectations of employees.

In addition to the change to a remote office, Apple also has been testing a new “virtual-office” solution, which it describes as “a new digital workspace that lets you collaborate remotely, in a collaborative way, in ways you can’t do in the office.”

Apple’s HR department was a source of much criticism during its years of turmoil and was accused of keeping employees from taking their responsibilities seriously.

Apple’s first internal HR department did not have much of an impact on how employees worked, but it was a major source of criticism, especially for its role in the hiring of the late CEO Steve Jobs.

The department was criticized for its high turnover rate and its tendency to take time off for family and other obligations.

In 2016, Apple had to fire one-third of its top executives.

The department is also widely criticized for not doing enough to help employees transition to new jobs.

“We are building a new workplace, one that works for everyone, and we are committed to delivering a better workplace for all employees,” Cook said in a statement Wednesday.

“Our focus is on building a better company that works better for its employees, and that means making sure that our teams and our employees are safe, supported, and have access to the best technology and the most flexible work environments possible,” he said.

Apple also said that the HR department will continue to serve as an external source of information to help improve the company’s customer experience, including through employee-focused marketing and collaboration tools.

Apple said that it will share more about its plans to create a new human resources department in the coming months.

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