Which HR professionals are the most dangerous?

Newsweek asked HR professionals what they think are the top 10 HR hazards in America, and here are the responses.1.

“Employers will not hire or fire you if you are transgender.”–John DeStefano, executive director, American Civil Liberties Union of Pennsylvania2.

“The human resource profession is very hostile toward transgender people.”–Caroline Farrar, senior counsel, Human Rights Campaign4.

“You have no choice but to disclose your transgender status to your employer or to HR if you have a transgender child.”–Jessica Rinaldi, vice president, Equality Virginia5.

“If you want to work in a HR department, don’t ask for a pay raise.”–Devin Bunch, senior vice president and general counsel, American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees6.

“Being transgender is not a disability.

It’s a choice.”–Molly Johnson, vice-president, transgender and gender diverse advocacy, Human Resources Management Association7.

“People with transgender issues deserve the same protections as anyone else.”–David Gomberg, vice chair, Transgender Rights Education Network8.

“Transgender people who need help with their employment issues should have access to all the benefits that the law gives to other Americans.”–Jenny McCarthy, senior director of legal and public policy, Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund9.

“Don’t assume you can be fired just because you are trans.”–Toni Morrison, national director, Transgender Law Center10.

“Hiring and promoting trans-inclusive talent is critical to ensuring our economy thrives.”–Kristen Jorgensen, president, Transgender Resource Center11.

“I am a transgender woman who wants to be treated with respect and dignity, and HR is a great place to start.”–Nathan Smith, vice chairman, National Organization for Women12.

“We should not have to explain to HR how to use the restroom.”–Karen Breen, chief of staff, National Center for Transgender Equality13.

“Everyone is entitled to the same level of access to equal treatment under the law.”–Amy B. Noyes, senior adviser, Equal Rights Advocates, LGBT Advocates & Policy Center14.

“My employer did not offer me an opportunity to receive a raise, a raise that would have been consistent with the terms of my employment contract, or the rights that I had under federal law.”

–Melissa Dyer, senior communications director, Equality Florida15.

“While we’re a country of laws, we should also treat transgender people with dignity, respect, and respect in the workplace.

That’s not to say that employers should be able to discriminate against someone simply because of who they are.

But employers need to be aware of their rights under federal and state law, and they should be accountable to those rights.”–Lauren Hitt, director of public affairs, LGBT and AIDS Action Coalition16.

“HR is an important tool in ensuring that all Americans have the same opportunities in the work place.”–Susan M. Sifuentes, president and CEO, Transgender Equality USA17.

“A person’s gender identity or expression does not need to align with the sex assigned at birth.”–Melissa C. Johnson, senior legal adviser, National Association of Manufacturers18.

“It is important to ensure that employers can provide their employees with reasonable accommodations for their transgender employees.”–Shawna A. Tapp, senior staff attorney, Human Resource Services Legal & Duties Program19.

“In a time when people are increasingly concerned about workplace protections, we need to take care that we don’t allow discrimination against LGBT people.”

–Michelle D. Martin, executive vice president of government affairs, Equality California20.

“When HR professionals, especially senior HR professionals who have experience in HR, are making decisions about someone’s employment status, they are making the final decision about whether that person will be able or willing to do the job.”–Hilary B. Johnson and Laura B. McCreary, senior lawyers, National Employment Law Project21.

“One way to ensure a workplace environment free of discrimination and hate speech is to make sure that all people are able to do their jobs with dignity and respect.”–Chloe B. Cushing, president of the National Association for Equal Employment Opportunity22.

“Many HR professionals don’t recognize that transgender people are people.”—Michelle G. Mather, president & CEO, LGBT Health Network23.

“Do you think that if an employer wants to fire someone, it’s OK for them to ask for the termination in writing?”–Jennifer R. Haggerty, senior partner, Equal Employment Opportunities & Privacy Group24.

“There is no need for the government to dictate the workplace environment.”–Ricardo M. Garcia, senior counselor, LGBT-inclusion advocacy, Center for American Progress25.

“To my colleagues who work at HR, don�t ask me to do anything that would create an

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