How to find your next employer

The Irish newspaper reported that a group of academics in the US have created an online tool that could help employers search for people with a “good” work history. 

According to the newspaper, a job seeker’s personal information can be used by a recruiter to find the right candidate for a job. 

The tool is described as a “futuristic solution” that will not only help employers to find and hire candidates, but also ensure that the candidate has a “strong and stable employment history”. 

It was developed by the Association of College Employers (ACEE), a US-based organisation representing thousands of colleges. 

ACEE has partnered with IBM to create the tool, which allows employers to search for a candidate’s employment history through a database of thousands of job postings. 

It also provides employers with a summary of a candidate and a profile for their job candidate, which is shared across the group’s platform. 

“A good candidate is someone who can work hard, is loyal and is dedicated to their work,” ACee CEO Chris Sainter said.

“It’s a very hard skill to find in today’s world.” 

In the US, the median wage for entry-level workers is $20.77 per hour, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). 

“With a job search that can be very daunting, this tool can help employers find candidates that have the skills and experience to be a success in their careers,” Sainter added.

“Employers can choose to include more information in their profile to help employers better match candidates with the right job for their business.” 

The project is described in a blog post by ACCEE. 

For more information, visit the website here.

Read more about HR in the Irish Times.

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