How to save your job by applying for a new job

The search for a permanent job can seem overwhelming, with thousands of applicants competing for one of millions of jobs in Britain.

However, if you are in a position to benefit from this growing talent pool, it is important to make sure you have a solid career plan to build on before applying.

The following are 10 tips to help you make the best of this exciting time.


Choose your new role wisely If you have applied for a job and are now in a job search, it might be a good idea to think about what you want to do with your career in the coming months.

For example, what does a new role involve?

How do you want it to benefit you and your family?

It is possible that you are currently in a career where you have been able to get ahead by doing something you love and then going to a different part of the world.

If this is the case, consider whether you could do something new or what you might be doing as an unpaid intern.


Find out what the job needs Before you start looking for a role, consider what the position requires.

For instance, what kind of work does it require?

Does it involve reading books or watching videos?

Do you need to be able to read or write?

If so, how do you find out what you need?


Consider how much you will be earning When you are applying for an interview or job interview, you may be tempted to choose a job with a salary that you believe is too low.

However this will not always be the case.

It is important that you do your research and make sure that you can realistically expect to make a decent living.

This is particularly important when looking for work in your current job.

If you are planning to move abroad, it can be tempting to look at the pay you might make elsewhere, such as a more lucrative part-time job.

However the reality is that a part-timing job is often less satisfying and will not provide the same level of work satisfaction.


Find your passion If you feel passionate about your job, you can start looking at what you can do for your employer.

For most people this will mean working with colleagues and getting to know their personalities.

It may also involve going to parties or other events with friends or family.

The best way to start thinking about your passion is to take time out to look for a project or volunteering opportunity.

This can be something as simple as joining a charity or going for a short walk.

If a project involves your passion, you should think about whether you can make it a part of your job.

For some people this could be a project that helps improve public transport.


Consider whether you are qualified for the job You can also look at what qualifications you are looking for.

For the most part, people will be able find out more about the qualifications you need from the job centre or from the hiring manager.

If not, it may be a useful tool to consider what you have to offer.

For someone with a PhD in human resources or computer science, for instance, they may be able get you a job that you would have considered at a non-computer science or human resources position.

However if they have an interest in other fields, it could also be a valuable experience.


Find a mentor It is always helpful to have someone to talk to during your search.

You may not be able and will have to ask for help, but you should have someone who can give you advice, guidance and advice on what to do.

If the person you are searching for does not have experience with the job, they can offer advice on how to do things properly.


Work out how much it will cost The job centre and hiring manager will also try to offer you a rate of pay that you will find affordable.

You should also consider what type of job you are thinking of, for example, part-timer, freelance, freelance intern or part-year student.

This may include different rates of pay depending on your age, experience and location.


Prepare a budget You should make sure your budget for your new job is flexible and is not too high.

This could mean paying for accommodation, travel and other things that may be needed during your job search.

If it is possible to travel, it should be planned ahead to ensure you can get to and from work safely.


Get help from friends, family and colleagues to find the right job As mentioned earlier, you will need to think carefully about what type and amount of work you can expect to be involved with.

You can find out about different types of jobs and what kind they involve by visiting the Human Resources Office or looking at the jobs website.


Find opportunities to do what you love When looking for new work, it will be very helpful to talk about what interests you, and how you would like to spend your free time.

These will include looking at volunteering, studying abroad, volunteering at local or overseas events

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