What you need to know about the new Nike HR platform

The new NikeHR platform has been released.

It brings together HR professionals from a variety of organizations.

Here’s what you need read on.

NikeHR will be available to HR professionals in the United States and Canada.

Here are some key highlights of the new HR platform:The new HR system includes a new collaboration platform called HRP, which will be powered by Microsoft’s cloud-based Dynamics 365 platform.

The platform is designed to provide organizations with a unified, easy-to-use and fast-track way to connect with employees, collaborate on new projects, and collaborate across multiple disciplines.

The system can help organizations build the business, manage employees, manage expenses, and create new revenue streams.

The HR platform includes HR tools, including a brand new tool called “HRC.”

This is a tool that integrates with a team’s HR software, so you can quickly find out how people are doing.

This tool also includes a built-in analytics tool, so companies can track and analyze how employees are performing.

The new NikeHDHR platform will bring the best of the NikeHR ecosystem to the Nike HR ecosystem.

It will include an integrated HR platform that allows you to work with all your HR professionals to achieve better results, with a new way to communicate and collaborate.

It’s also launching an HR analytics tool called HRp.

This is the third tool in the NikeHD HR ecosystem, and it will provide HR professionals with a dashboard that tracks how employees perform, as well as other metrics related to the company.

It’s also coming with an integrated video editor, which lets HR professionals create video clips that can be shared with other employees.

The next release of Nike HR will launch later this year.

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