What you need to know about the KLM pilot project to save a bird from a factory

KLM has started the process of applying for $500,000 in funding from the federal government to save an endangered Australian bird from extinction.

Key points:The Australian Civet is one of just two species in the world to be classified as endangeredKLM is applying for funding to help save a small Australian civetKLM’s bird is called KLM’s civett and the company says it has the best management practicesKLM has been in talks with the Federal Government for some timeThe Australian civer is an ornamental bird that’s not found in the wild and was not found on the continent until the mid-19th century, but it’s now extinct, with the last known breeding pair in Australia being in a backyard near the town of Nardinia in northern New South Wales.

The Federal Government is funding the $500 000 project to help with conservation efforts to save the endangered civetta.

“Our bird is one that is endangered, in part because of its natural habitat,” KLM CEO and president Ian Ritter said.

“It’s also an endangered species because we’ve developed a breeding program that focuses on breeding females in the home environment rather than the wild habitat, which is much more difficult.”

To help ensure our bird can continue to thrive and thrive and grow into the future, we need to make sure we’re doing things right.

“The most important thing we can do is ensure that our breeding programs are successful and that we’re keeping the birds healthy and well-fed.”

Mr Ritter told the ABC’s 7.30 program it was a long-term project, but that the key to the success was having a well-managed breeding program, ensuring that females had adequate access to the water and food that their male counterparts are.

“We have a great breeding program at the moment that we have a lot of confidence in,” he said.

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