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In response to the Trump administration’s attempts to roll back the Affordable Care Act, President Donald Trump has issued an executive order aimed at rolling back the regulations that underlie the ACA. 

The order directs agencies to revise or abolish the ACA’s protections for Americans with pre-existing conditions. 

But it doesn’t specify which of the ACA protections are going to be removed. 

A Trump administration official said the order does not specify which protections are to be eliminated and would only “explore ways to improve existing protections for patients, their families and the broader economy.” 

“We will review and consider the recommendations, but will make the necessary changes to ensure that Americans can obtain affordable health insurance while preserving their protections,” the official said. 

Many of the same protections are already being weakened under the Trump presidency. 

One of the most controversial changes, the so-called COVID-19 “bounty” system, is currently being implemented by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, or CMS. 

Under the new system, companies are required to pay out $50,000 to each of the first 100,000 consumers they refer.

The payments are based on the likelihood that the patient will become infected. 

Currently, only 1,500 people have been paid so far. 

Some of the changes in the COVID epidemic have already caused major delays in paying out payments. 

In April, the government of South Carolina stopped the payments to some people who had been referred to the state by their doctor after a COVID outbreak. 

As of June 20, a total of 13,700 people had been paid. 

Additionally, in August, the states of Florida and Illinois announced that they were stopping paying people who have been referred by their insurance company, after they received notification of an outbreak.

The federal government has also taken a more aggressive approach to the COID-19 epidemic. 

According to the Centers, there have been at least 13,500 confirmed and suspected COVID cases across the United States. 

Trump has said the government will continue to pay the bills for people who are confirmed to have the virus, even after the epidemic is over. 

On Monday, Trump signed an executive memorandum directing the Centers to begin the process of ending payments for those who are in the U.S. illegally. 

“These payments were intended to provide additional protections to individuals in the country illegally,” the memorandum said.

“Instead, the cost of providing these payments to individuals who are not in the United

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