How do I get a new job at my former company?

Posted October 29, 2018 09:24:30 I just received an email from a former employer saying I am being terminated because I’m gay.

I have a great relationship with my former employer, and we are very proud of it.

I thought it was really nice of them to do that, but I am wondering, did they tell me anything about why they were doing that?

I just went to the website and found the company.

It says that it terminated me because I am gay, which I find very strange.

I never knew I was gay until a few weeks ago.

I was born in Thailand, but the country has very strict laws about who can marry.

So I have never been married and I am not sure how I got here.

My boss said, I have had my suspicions for a while, but this has really come up since my last interview.

I can only hope that they have an open mind and will let me finish my job.

It sounds like they were really trying to avoid the problem.

I also have to say, I am still angry that my former boss had to put a gun to my head and tell me I am going to have to get a divorce.

The only reason he was going to do it was because he has been divorced for so long and he wanted to make sure he had everything squared away.

He even made me swear to secrecy about my sex life.

It’s hard to believe that someone would put someone’s life in danger to make them do this, but there is something really wrong with that.

It makes me really sad that my boss can’t understand how anyone would want to harm someone who is gay.

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