HR: The Job That Matters

An HR consultant’s dream job for an IT manager.

In this episode, I chat with a senior HR consultant who has been at this company for four years and has been helping HR staff understand their role within the company. 

What does HR look like for an employer? 

What is HR? 

Is HR a good fit for your company? 

How does HR work for employers? 

Are HR roles an advantage or a liability? 

Why should you hire an HR consultant for your HR department? 

In this episode: HR – The Job that Matters What HR is, what it does, and why you should care about it, how to hire for it, and how to avoid it. 

Why hiring an HR professional is the right decision for your organization. 

An HR consultant interview topic. 

How HR works for employers. 

Who hires HR professionals? 

The best HR consultants in the world. 

HR job search resources. 

Are hiring HR professionals the right choice for your business? 

An interview with a Senior HR Consultant. 

The Benefits of Hiring an HR Professional An employee interview topic with a HR consultant. 

Hiring HR professionals in HR: a review. 

Is hiring HR a viable career choice? 

HR consultant hiring topics. 

Questions and Answers: HR vs. IT, HR vs HR. 

In HR, What Does HR Look Like?, A Human Resources Consultant Interview topic.

  HR Job Search Resources: What HR is and what it is not. 

AHR – HR vs IT. 

Interview with an HR Consultants Top 10 HR Consulters. 

Employee Interview Topic: HR Job Search Questions. 

Benefits of Hiking HR: A Review.

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