When Disney CEO told Disney employees to get a ‘big fat fat paycheck’

Disney’s human resources department has reportedly told its employees to sign up for a “big fat paycheck.”

The company has long relied on interns as part of its recruiting efforts.

But the company now plans to hire more people to fill the position of “senior adviser” in a move that may make it more difficult for the agency to recruit more employees.

According to a memo sent by the Disney Human Resources department to employees on March 13, Disney will hire a “senor,” who will be responsible for recruiting the next generation of Disney employees.

The “senors’ roles will be similar to that of senior advisers,” the memo states.

The Disney Human Resource department will begin recruiting in the summer, the memo stated.

Disney is one of the biggest companies in the world, and has a long history of hiring interns and other employees for the sake of recruiting new employees.

Internships at the company have been a mainstay of the company’s recruitment efforts for decades, as well as the recruitment efforts of other Disney companies like Universal Studios and Pixar Animation Studios.

But this is the first time Disney has instructed its employees on how to sign on to a big-time pay deal, the Wall Street Journal reported last month.

While Disney may not have required its employees in the past to sign contracts that required them to work for a certain amount of time, it was still considered an unusual request from the company, according to the Journal.

According the report, the recruitment request came in the wake of a meeting that was held between Disney CEO Bob Iger and his top executives.

During that meeting, Iger told executives he would like to recruit employees for “a bigger and better Disney” if he could get them to sign a “bonus” agreement.

The bonus would include $500 per month, the Journal reported.

The recruitment request may have been more about getting people to sign “bonuses” than it was about recruiting new workers, the report noted.

In the end, Disney did not offer employees the money promised to them, the WSJ said.

The move may make the company more difficult to recruit new talent, and it is likely to further hurt the company as it attempts to grow its businesses, according the report.

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