What are the biggest challenges for Wendy’s in 2020?

What’s next for The CW?

Read moreWhat’s next to the future of The CW, which is airing its sixth season this fall, is uncertain.

Earlier this year, the network announced that it was exploring the possibility of a spinoff, but those plans have since been put on hold.

The network also has plans to make a return to original series, and has also been working on a possible spinoff of The Walking Dead, according to Deadline.

While that project has been shelved indefinitely, it has been in the works for a while.

We’ve already heard about the possibility, but it’s unclear if it will come to fruition.

As for the upcoming reboot, the studio said in a statement to Entertainment Weekly that it’s “very likely” to be a TV series.

The series would take place after the end of the last series, but not before.

It’s unclear what the storyline would be, but the network said that it would be set “a decade in the future,” with the focus on “the events that happened after the apocalypse.”

The network has also announced a slew of other projects.

It is also in the process of acquiring a large amount of properties, including the rights to the rights of characters like The Flash and Arrow, as well as some of the biggest franchises of the past decade.

The CW also is working on two spinoff shows, including one based on a movie franchise called Supernatural, which could see a supernatural team of characters join forces with one another.

It also has a series based on the DC Comics book Family Guy.

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