How a robot can tell when you’re not paying your salary

When Wendy’s announced a robotic tipping robot that will take your pay when you leave the restaurant, many wondered how the robot would do.

Wendy’s has announced that it will begin offering a human-like interface to its automated tipping robots in 2019.

The service, called the Wendy’s Rewards Assist, will enable the robots to recognize when you are behind on your tips, and then give you a choice between you or the robot.

The robots will also know when you haven’t taken your tips in a while and give you options for changing your tip amount.

The system will also be able to provide reminders about what you’ve paid for, as well as offer you a variety of rewards.

The technology is expected to be launched in 2019, with a rollout of a new robot in 2020.

If the system can be scaled up and is a viable option for many employers, it will open up the way for human workers to make payments as well.

Wendy and its other businesses have faced increased competition from robots.

In May, Apple launched Siri and Google Assistant, and both have since replaced human-level assistants with bots.

In the United States, Uber and Lyft both recently rolled out automated tipping systems.

But Wendy’s and other human-to-human tipping companies are also looking to get ahead of the curve, with some trying to use AI to automate human-human interactions and other tasks.

In an interview with TechCrunch, Wendy’s VP of human resources Jeff Lisk said that robots will be a major part of the future of tipping.

“Robots are an incredibly important part of our culture, our jobs, our way of life,” Lisk told TechCrunch.

“They’re going to make our lives easier, they’re going and making people’s lives easier.”

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