‘A life-changing decision’: Former student admits she lost her job

A former student of a Hebrew University in Israel says she lost a job because of her refusal to join the army, which she said was against her religion.

In a series of posts on Facebook, Yona, 20, said she was “forced to leave the IDF because of the Israeli government’s decision” to deport Palestinian-Israeli-Jewish students who had been studying in Israel for a year.

“I lost my job for that reason,” Yona wrote.

“They said it was because I refused to wear the uniform or to join [the] army.”

Yona said that the government forced her to sign a form in Hebrew that said she had to “serve the state of Israel” as well as a requirement to remain on the school’s payroll, and that the “form was written in Hebrew and written in a different language than that that is used by the Israeli military.”

Youna, who is a former Israeli Army infantryman, said the Hebrew form had a clause stating that “I am not a spy.”

Youna said that she was not even allowed to take her ID cards to the army recruiting office, which is located in the same building as the university’s entrance, in order to register for the job.

Younas father, Yoav, who was not at the university, told Haaretz that the university was aware of the situation, and said he was disappointed that Younas was forced to leave.

“This is a very serious issue, and I have to be honest,” he said.

“I feel very sorry for Yona and for her parents.

We have a feeling that this was the result of a policy that was implemented against a woman.”‘

A life changing decision’:Former student admits losing her job source The Israel News Agency via AP title ‘Life changing decision’: Former student loses job due to refusal to serve article Yona’s parents said that Yona was denied her Jewish identity because she was an Israeli citizen, and she was denied the right to receive her diplomas.

Yona’s mother, Yaya, told The Jerusalem Report that she decided to leave Israel due to her desire to attend a “Jewish college” and to “live in a place that does not have any discriminatory practices.”

Yaya, a retired mother of four from the Golan Heights, said that her daughter is studying in Jerusalem and was given the chance to work as a Hebrew teacher at the local Hebrew school.

Yaya said that after Yona had left the army for two years, the school hired her to teach at the main entrance.

The mother said that while she was at the Hebrew school, Youns parents were “totally aware” of her Jewishness and that Yoni had been denied a job due in part to the refusal to participate in military service.

Yoni, 20 years old, told the Jerusalem Report she was told that her father was “disgusted” by the school for the way they treated her.

“When I told them, they just laughed and said ‘you are a liar, you have to leave,'” Yoni said.

Yons father, Avi, told Israel News that the family has received “a lot of hate mail” since the post went viral.

“In the first few days after it was published, it was not just messages but phone calls,” Avi said.

He added that the school denied Youni entry to the entrance and refused to let her enroll in her classes.

“It was a life-altering decision.

This decision affected Younis family.

My heart is breaking,” Aviv said.

The family filed a complaint with the education department, but the office did not act on the complaint and did not provide Younies parents with any explanation.

Yaya’s mother said Younia was also refused a job at the army recruitment office, as well.

“She was denied entrance to the recruiting office,” Ava said.

When Yona returned home, she was put on the list of people who would not be allowed to register to work at the recruitment office.

Youth and religious rights group JVP said the case was “unfounded” and that students should not be expelled from the IDF.

“As a matter of policy, the IDF has never discriminated against any group of students, especially those of Jewish descent, in any way, as the state is not Jewish,” the group said in a statement.

“The IDF is proud to be an inclusive and inclusive country, and as such, any form of discrimination against anyone is unacceptable. “

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