How to get fired for talking about the Comcast deal

The latest episode of ESPN’s “Up With Chris Hayes” looks at how companies can protect themselves against the potential for bad press after their latest acquisition. 

Hayes was on “Up with Chris Hayes,” which airs on ESPN2 on Wednesday, Nov. 16 at 10 p.m.


Hayers’ segment begins with a conversation with ESPN CEO Brian Roberts, who explains the reasons why Comcast has a strong deal with HBO.

He goes on to talk about the “Comcast deal” that has brought the network to the brink of bankruptcy and why the company is going to have to sell off a lot of assets in order to keep its assets. 

Then, after a discussion of the Comcast acquisition and the possible repercussions, Hayes says, “I’m not really sure why it is Comcast.

Maybe it’s because they don’t want to go to bankruptcy.

I don’t know why Comcast.”

In the segment, Hayes discusses how a big Comcast deal could hurt the network’s future.

Comcast has long been rumored to be considering selling off the cable networks it owns in the US, but it appears that the company has found a buyer for a large chunk of those networks. 

For now, Comcast has not confirmed that the deal is for sale. 

In the clip, Hayes talks to a number of different executives who are either looking at the Comcast-HBO deal or are already talking about it. 

One of them, Comcast Vice President of News and Programming, Scott Parnell, is quoted as saying that “The reason we got a Comcast deal was because we don’t have to go into bankruptcy.

We don’t get to buy out the TV stations.

We have the ability to go out and buy other things that we can sell off.

It’s going to be the most successful acquisition Comcast has made since it bought NBC Universal in 2006. 

 In response to Hayes’ remarks, Parnett says that the network “isn’t going to go bankrupt.

We are going to continue to have a lot more of a robust business, and that’s going be an asset we can build off.

“Parnett goes on, however, to say that the Comcast/HBO purchase will “impact our financials.

It will affect our business model.

It could affect our brand.

We’re going to do all of those things.

We think it’s the right decision for us.” 

In a follow-up, Pernell said that Comcast has “very little control” over the network and that “we’re just doing what we need to do to protect ourselves.

The network is very valuable to us.

We know what’s in it.

It is a great asset.” 

But it doesn’t stop there.

In another segment, Pignell also says that Comcast “hasn’t made any major changes” to its business model, including “some of the investments that were made in the last five years that we haven’t been able to replicate.” 

Parnell also said that the purchase will be a “very good opportunity for us to grow our business, which we’ve been very focused on doing.” 

 The last few years have been particularly difficult for the cable industry, especially as consumers have turned to streaming video services like Netflix. 

At the end of the day, however and while Comcast has been criticized for its financials, Pannell has been praised for his decision to sell Comcast stock and for the company’s ability to retain its existing employees. 

While the deal hasn’t been officially announced, it’s believed that Comcast will be selling off a large number of assets.

Hayes points out that Comcast’s deal with the NFL and NBA may be the first in which the company may sell its TV channels. 

I think the fact that Comcast hasn’t made a major change to its financial model and the way they operate shows that they are really focused on building their business. “

We’re going into this thinking that Comcast is going into it, and they’re not going to sell everything.

I think the fact that Comcast hasn’t made a major change to its financial model and the way they operate shows that they are really focused on building their business.

If Comcast’s not going into bankruptcy, then they should be able to continue operating.” 

A spokesperson for Comcast told ESPN that the acquisition will not affect Comcast’s business model and that the “comcast deal will be the company that continues to provide high-quality programming and services to the millions of people who watch ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNgo, and ESPN Deportes.”

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