When Disney and Emory are facing their own HR crisis, the CEO is taking a stand

The CEO of Emory University has come out strongly against the Disney Corporation’s HR policies and has asked the company to reverse them.

In a letter to Disney, professor of sociology and dean of Emps and Human Resources John C. Cappelli Jr. said the Disney CEO is using his position to bully employees, who are “in a position of high authority, in an effort to undermine the ability of the company’s workforce to function effectively and effectively.”

Cappelli said Emory is currently facing a large number of HR challenges, including the ongoing investigation into a sexual assault allegation and a new set of HR policies that would impact the number of positions available to faculty.

In the letter, Cappelli said the Walt Disney Company’s recent HR policies are designed to create a “permanent, insular workplace” that he believes will result in fewer opportunities for employees to interact with colleagues.

He added that the new policies would result in a permanent lack of trust between the individual employees and the organization.

Cappellis letter said that “Disney has failed to provide meaningful, meaningful and timely updates to Emps’ employees since November of last year.”

Emory’s President and CEO, Richard Siegel, issued a statement on Wednesday saying that the Walt Dolan family and the Emps Board of Trustees have been deeply engaged in discussions with the Disney executive and that Emps is committed to its employees, its faculty and students.

“Our hearts go out to all of our employees and faculty members, and we appreciate the many good things that have been said about the university in recent weeks,” Siegel said.

“We are deeply committed to supporting our faculty and staff and will continue to do so as we move forward.”

Disney’s policy change in February of last season was an abrupt one, and it was widely criticized by faculty and others, including some members of the Empson community, who felt it was a way to “permanently” destroy employees’ collective bargaining rights.

Cordelia Epps, a graduate student who is currently pursuing a masters degree at Emps, said that while she agrees that Disney’s new HR policies could hurt Emps employees, she thinks it’s a good thing.

“Disney’s actions are not the best way to help me and my classmates,” she said.

“The real issue is that this is a Disney corporation that is clearly targeting faculty and their livelihoods.

The fact that they are doing this is indicative of their corporate culture.

It’s about control.”

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