Which states have the lowest employment growth?

The unemployment rate in the U.S. has fallen to a nine-year low of 5.3%, but there are still 1.6 million Americans unemployed and 1.4 million of those are still jobless due to underemployment.

In some parts of the country, unemployment has been particularly severe.

A few months ago, California’s unemployment rate was 8.9%, and the state’s unemployment insurance system is set to be expanded next year.

In Georgia, it is 6.9%.

The jobless rate in Oklahoma was 9.3% in August, and the unemployment rate has dropped to 4.8% in that state.

The unemployment in Texas is 8.6%, but it has been down to 6.6% in October.

Some of these states have higher levels of underempployment, meaning that their unemployment rate is higher than the national average.

This means that when it comes to unemployment, some states have seen far greater unemployment in the past few months.

The states with the highest unemployment rates are the ones that have experienced the steepest decline in the labor market over the past year, according to the Center for Labor Market and Economic Policy at Northeastern University.

The number of Americans who are out of the labor force rose to nearly 2 million last month, according the Labor Department.

That is a higher rate than the previous high point of 1.9 million in October 2015.

The number of jobless Americans rose from 9.1 million in February to 9.4 billion in November.

The U.K. and Australia are also seeing large increases in the number of unemployed people.

The economy has been slowing down for a number of years, and it is now taking a more difficult hit.

The economy is expected to slow in 2018, according a report from the UBS Group.

The National Federation of Independent Businesses expects the economy to shrink by 1.1% in 2018 and 1% in 2019.

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