How do you make a good hire?

By Dan StoberdanVerizon says it’s getting a new CEO, a new mission statement and a new focus on hiring more human resources professionals, among other changes to try to turn around its business.

Verizon’s chief financial officer, John McDonough, took the reins in December.

McDonough took over a company that lost $2.2 billion in the first quarter, and it was losing customers, as well.

Verizon had been one of the nation’s worst performers in the past few quarters, with its service levels in critical areas such as internet and voice being below the industry average.

But the company’s stock dropped by almost $5, or nearly 15%, in the days after the New York Times reported that it had hired former Obama administration official John McWhorter.

McWhorter was an adviser to President Trump during the 2016 election and has been critical of the company, saying that it’s been slow to hire more employees.

Verison has a hiring strategy, including making hiring more attractive to new employees. 

And the company is trying to diversify its workforce to help meet a growing population of people who want to work for Verison, rather than the company itself.

The company has been cutting payroll.

In addition to its new chief financial, McDonaugh took the helm from former chief financial Officer Brian Shulman.

Verision has a workforce of 1.3 million employees, including 800,000 in human resources and 500,000 at its corporate headquarters in Kansas City.

Verity, which operates its own video service, is trying a new strategy.

The company is also trying to build out its cloud and video offerings.

Veritas is also looking at expanding its business to a new location, but it has been slow.

Verita has struggled to attract the younger generation to its video services and is now looking at building its own data-sourcing company, according to people familiar with the situation.

Verisys’ video service has fallen behind rivals in many key areas, and many have criticized it for poor service.

Verizons’ video services have fallen behind its rivals in most key areas.

Verices video service fell behind its peers in many areas.

In an interview, the company said that it would hire 100,000 employees this year, and its video-sourced content business would grow to $1 billion this year from $400 million in the current year.

Verities’ cloud-solving business is also in transition.

Some employees who have been with the company for a decade are leaving and some are retiring.

There are also concerns that some of the companies acquisitions are not going to turn out as expected, such as a deal with Google to sell its cloud-hosting and data-analytics services to the cloud provider.

Verias acquisition of Time Warner Cable is also set to be completed.

Verions chief financial office, John McGurk, took over from former AT&T CEO Tim Armstrong, who was fired earlier this year.

McGurk took over the top job in February.

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