Goodwill Australia opens its doors to more refugees from Syria and Iraq

The Goodwill human resource department has opened its doors in Melbourne to more than 50 Syrian and Iraqi refugees, including several children, after the Federal Government announced it would resettle a further 50 Syrian refugees.

Key points:The refugees are all from war-torn Syria and include a 13-year-old boy, aged nineThe Department of Human Resources is currently looking for more Syrian refugees to open its doorsThe refugees will be welcomed at the Melbourne Goodwill Centre at the beginning of SeptemberThe refugees arrived in Melbourne on Saturday from Beirut, Lebanon, where they were taken in by Goodwill, the charity that supports refugees.

They will be taken to the Melbourne Centre for Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons where they will receive a welcome home and are expected to settle in the local community for the duration of their stay.

“We’ve got to get people out of the camps and out into the community,” Goodwill director of resettlement, Robyn Hargreaves, told ABC Radio Melbourne’s Morning Report.

“They’re coming to Melbourne with the hopes of coming home to their families.”

Our biggest challenge right now is getting people out to a safe place.

“The department will not be offering any financial support to the refugees.

Instead, the department is looking to the community to make donations to help cover their travel costs and other costs.”

A lot of the people that we’ve got coming through have families that are struggling financially,” Mr Hargroves said.”

So we’re looking to give them a little bit of money that will help with that.

“The refugees, who are from war torn Syria and are from Iraq, are among a number of refugees that have arrived in the country since October, with about 400 people making the journey to Melbourne in the past month.

In total, the number of Syrian refugees in Australia has reached almost 1,000, while the number from Iraq has been more than 400.

The Syrian refugees will all be welcomed in Goodwill’s Melbourne Goodfellas on September 11.

Ms Hargropes said the refugees were “very happy” and “very proud” of the arrival of the refugees and their families, which includes a 13 year-old child.”

I think they’re very happy that we have this opportunity to bring them to a place where they can be reunited with their families and be part of the community.

“Goodwill is also looking to help refugees find employment through the Goodwill Immigrant Employment Program.

The agency currently has more than 5,000 people with skills training programs and about 300 jobs vacancies across the country.

The Goodwill refugee program is available to refugees from any country and is available in almost every state and territory in Australia.”

Topics:human-interest,human-rights,refugees,refuges-and-migrants,melbourne-3000,vic,australiaMore stories from Victoria”

This has really helped the Syrian community to get through the tough times that they’re having.”

Topics:human-interest,human-rights,refugees,refuges-and-migrants,melbourne-3000,vic,australiaMore stories from Victoria

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