How the AI War is Already Changing the World

I have an iPhone and it’s still pretty much the same old iPhone with the same basic hardware.

There are the same icons, the same software, and the same familiar apps.

I also have the same friends.

But this week, Apple has started to roll out a new feature that lets you use it to control your phone remotely.

I haven’t had this new feature yet, but I think I might be able to start using it.

I have the iPhone 6s, and it has the same iPhone 6 and 6 Plus models, but instead of using the Home button to switch apps, it’s switched to the multitasking menu, and there’s a button for each of my three apps.

The phone is also now connected to my Mac and is ready to play around with Siri, Apple’s personal assistant.

It’s pretty cool, and I’m really excited to try it out.

I’m not sure how to actually use it.

The first thing you do is choose a new app.

You can choose a single app or have a dozen.

For example, I have a game that I’m using, but there are multiple games I want to play.

It all happens in the same app.

I could switch to the main app, but if I wanted to use Siri I could just tap the Home icon and go to Siri.

There’s no need to jump back to the app that’s in the multitask menu, as there’s just one.

If I want, I can also control the other apps by tapping on the Home Button, and then the app.

In fact, if you tap the icon with the Home-button, you can do that on the multitasks menu too.

And that’s the fun part.

The app I want is in the main multitask.

And now that I have it, I’m just going to go into my games, and start playing that game.

If there’s an app I’m interested in playing, it will launch.

If you tap on the app’s icon, it’ll launch that app.

And if you want to have Siri open the game you’ve selected, you have the option of hitting the Home Key again to launch Siri.

This is a really cool way to use the multitap.

The same is true for apps.

If they’re running in the background, they’ll automatically open.

And the Home and Back buttons on the iPhone can also be used to open apps that are in the foreground.

If a game is running in a background, the app will launch with a little splash screen to let you know it’s running in that background.

The multitasking feature will work in iOS 11, as well.

You’ll see a new multitasking icon at the bottom of the multitacts menu.

This one has a list of apps, and they’re in a list that’s at the top of the screen.

It will have three categories: the apps you want, the apps that you want open, and you’ll have a choice of the apps to open.

So, if there’s no game, you’ll see no splash screen.

If your game is already running, the game will open and you can play.

You have the ability to choose which apps to play with.

For me, I’ll go with the ones I want open most, like the ones that are on my Home screen.

I’ll also choose to open the games I have in my multitasks list, because I’ll be in the game that’s playing most of the time.

The apps will be grouped into categories that are grouped by how many apps they have open.

For instance, if I want the apps I have on my home screen to open most of my games and the apps on my multitask list, I’d select those two apps.

That’s a little bit more work than just going into the multitapps menu and tapping on them.

The big advantage to having multitasking in iOS is that you can go into the apps list and tap on each app you want in the list.

This will open the app and launch it.

If it’s in a different category, you need to choose that category and then tap the little square button on the top.

The square button is there to give you the option to close the multitaps menu and reopen it.

Now, I haven’ t tried the multitapping feature with other Apple products, but that’s definitely something that could be a possibility.

This feature will probably be a huge deal in the coming months.

I think it will change the way we interact with apps in iOS, and for the first time in a long time, apps will actually be able a little easier to access, and interact with each other.

It means apps are going to have to do a little more legwork when they need to interact with you.

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