Managers at Amazon ‘unprepared’ for HR crisis

Human resources managers at Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) have a hard job, but they have no choice but to put the human resources needs of their employees first.

And while that job description doesn’t explicitly state that HR is a key component, it’s clear from the job descriptions that Amazon is concerned about its ability to provide a safe and comfortable workplace for its employees.

It also suggests that it’s working to ensure its HR staffs have the skills to perform that role, even though that is not the main focus of the job description.

This has led to criticism from some HR professionals, and even the Federal Trade Commission, which has been monitoring Amazon for a number of years, has said that Amazon’s HR team has a “lack of training.”

In a letter to Amazon this week, the FTC specifically called out the company for its “lacking HR training and the lack of training for HR managers.”

Amazon has also been criticized for hiring managers who are inexperienced and not fully qualified for the job.

The company has also taken several steps to address these issues.

One example is hiring new HR managers in order to improve its performance.

“Amazon is making progress to improve HR’s training, but we continue to see HR managers who lack the required skills and experience to effectively manage and direct the human resource team,” wrote the FTC in the letter.

The FTC also said that some of Amazon’s hiring decisions have been made without due consideration of HR training or experience.

The letter says Amazon’s human resources managers were given the opportunity to review some of the responses from the Amazon HR department, but failed to provide sufficient input into the hiring process.

“We are concerned that Amazon has not taken the time to review the responses received by HR, including responses from HR’s human resource professionals, as well as the HR training provided to all employees,” the FTC said.

Amazon has since taken the following actions: It has hired several additional HR professionals.

The number of employees who have taken these steps is unknown, but the company has said they are “overwhelmingly positive.”

“We will continue to work with our HR team to improve the HR skills and skillsets of our HR professionals,” the company said in a statement.

Amazon also said it is looking to hire more HR professionals and said it will provide training to all of its employees “within the next 12 months.”

The FTC’s letter follows a similar one sent by the FTC to other large companies.

Amazon, however, was not able to provide specific numbers on the number of complaints it has received about the hiring of human resources professionals.

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