What to Know About the ACA’s ‘Obamacare for Families’ Initiative

“When the ACA went into effect, the first question we had was, ‘Is this a job for me?'” said Elizabeth Minkin, an ACA employee at the Health Sciences Center in New York City.

“And then it became, ‘What can I do to help?'”

The Affordable Care Act has been a huge success, but it hasn’t been without controversy, Minkintin added.

“There were people who were really shocked and disappointed by the results, and there were some who were very angry and really hurt by it,” she said.

“I think that’s one of the big differences that I think has been really important.

People don’t really have an accurate sense of how it’s been going.

People are very quick to say, ‘It’s terrible.’

But it wasn’t terrible at all.

It was very good.”

In fact, the Affordable Care Task Force (ACA) has released a report that makes the point that the program has been “generally well-received” by the public.

That said, the task force acknowledged that there are some significant challenges in implementing the ACA.

For instance, a report from the Joint Committee on Taxation noted that more than half of the ACA enrollment was outside of a large metropolitan area, which may be due to the high cost of insurance in the Northeast.

The ACA has also been criticized for being overly restrictive, particularly for women and people with preexisting conditions.

That’s made it difficult for low-income families to get coverage.

“One of the problems with the ACA is that it’s so generous to insurance companies,” said Minkins mother, Susan Minkinson.

“It’s like giving them the money and they give you the money.

They don’t have to actually do anything.

They just pay the cost.

And you have no choice but to sign up for it.”

Minkins own health care insurance company, which she is the largest single beneficiary of, is still working to figure out what she will do next.

“If I have to decide between buying coverage and going to the ER, I’m going to be pretty darn happy,” she told The Huffington Press.

“But the fact that it was so expensive and there’s no choice is not a good thing.”

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