What happens when you’re not hiring? Here’s how to stop the hiring freeze

Human resources management, for the most part, is a relatively simple operation.Employees are assigned to one of a handful of teams, which can include any number of roles, such as human resource, finance, and legal.The job descriptions generally don’t say much about the specific roles they’ll be working on, but they usually specify what each […]

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How the ‘Chipotle Effect’ is hurting U.S. employers

The rise of Chipotle restaurants has created a new economic boon for many workers.But it’s also made it harder for low-wage workers to make ends meet.The company is under pressure to pay higher wages to attract and retain workers, while also improving its supply chain to keep pace with the fast-food chain’s expanding menu.So far, […]

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How to get fired for talking about the Comcast deal

The latest episode of ESPN’s “Up With Chris Hayes” looks at how companies can protect themselves against the potential for bad press after their latest acquisition. Hayes was on “Up with Chris Hayes,” which airs on ESPN2 on Wednesday, Nov. 16 at 10 p.m.ET.Hayers’ segment begins with a conversation with ESPN CEO Brian Roberts, who explains […]

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Why we think it’s time to move away from a ‘job’ and into an ‘information system’

Texas has become an increasingly important hub for information technology, with the emergence of the Texas Digital Service (TDS) and the growth of the information economy.But while these efforts are exciting, they can become increasingly important if we want to maintain the critical services that make Texas such a valuable place.The state’s digital service is […]

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How to Build Your Business with ‘Boomers’

It’s a popular phrase in tech circles: boomers.It refers to people born in the 1980s and 1990s, the era of the dot-com bubble and its global economic boom.And boomers tend to be more tech-savvy than their younger counterparts, according to research.That’s why companies that hire boomers are more likely to attract them.It’s why Facebook has […]

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